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Become A Season’s Giver

Think about it: Sacrifice an aesthetically-iffy sweater, an itchy nightgown, a “bored” game, your 7th pair of slipper socks, or someone else’s idea of a “funny” read–and save lives.

Seem like a fair trade? We think so!

It’s called the Season’s Givings campaign. Rather than a pile of unwanted (not to mention environmentally wasteful) presents this holiday season, receive the greater satisfaction of doing good. Simply ask friends, family and colleagues to forgo pesky holiday gifts to you and instead donate to a high-impact charity of your choice, thoroughly vetted by independent charity evaluators like The Life You Can Save, GiveWell, and Giving What We Can.


It’s a very low-time investment, high-impact way for an individual–or group–to raise hundreds or thousands of dollars for proven charities. Perfect for students or those who, while they may not have a lot of cash themselves, know or work with those who do.

So, join us–become a Season’s Giver and donate your Christmas, you won’t be sorry. Do it alone or make it a group project. Promote the campaign all around. Then watch your network’s year-end donations come rolling in as you rack up the satisfaction of knowing that, for you and yours, the “gimme! gimme!” holidays truly became a season of giving.

– The .impact Team

How do I get started?

1. Choose which of the charities below you’d like to support this year (click on the logos to read more about them and join the campaign).

2. Click through to the charity of your choice and create your unique Fundraising Page.

Against Malaria Foundation

Preventing deaths from malaria

Cool Earth

Working to halt rainforest destruction

Project Healthy Children

Passionate about ending micronutrient deficiencies in the developing world

Schistosomiasis Control Initiative

Working with countries to eliminate debilitating tropical diseases

Mercy For Animals

Dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals

3. Tell your friends and family about your campaign and ask if they’d like to donate!

You can also join our Facebook event for updates and tips on boosting your campaign.

Previous Campaigns

Over the last four campaigns, these online fundraisers have counterfactually generated ~$200,000 for effective charities.

Members pulled in an average of $100 per hour they put into the project–or $750 each–and some even scored tens of thousands in donations. Reports came back that nobody missed their slipper socks.

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